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Music Equipment


We are a music outfit that helps artists get to the next level by offering a range of a la carte pro level music services.

At the Studio


Maneland was started by independent artists who were looking for the different pieces of the puzzle that would make up their professional brand. In the search, and at the time, the landscape was such that it was necessary to go to multiple places in order to make all of these things happen, and no particular entity was connected to or could inform you about the other. Granted times have changed and things have become more connected, but artists still remain in the dark about how to put together professional packaging, and that’s where we saw an opportunity to make a difference. We bonded together and began to form a one stop shop to help artist get to the next level. Whether you are just beginning and have no clue about the first steps, or already moving and just need help to get you ready for the next step. We became a conduit to help set people on the path to creative entrepreneurship. Once we decided to move in this way, we built a platform to help create and manage all forms of media from headshots, and album artwork to film scoring, live sound and master recordings.

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